What is the Popper Topper?

The popper topper is an accessory for your poppers to increase the strength and improve usability and safety!

Boost airflow for stronger hits

The design of the topper directs air from deeper within the bottle via the inner tube design – meaning deeper, stronger hits.

Prevent skin burns

The protective cone design prevents accidental spillage when handling poppers near the nose, which helps to prevent skin burns.

Great seal

The included rubber o-ring can be optionally attached to the neck of your popper bottle, so the topper can get a better seal.

Fresher for longer

Refresh that old bottle of poppers! Everyone agreed that the popper topper improved even old, stale poppers!

Spill Prevention

Obviously the topper won’t seal your bottle due to the holes in the design, so make sure to re-cap your poppers once you’re finished using.

Simply sniff as usual

Once the topper is screwed onto the bottle, insert up nose and sniff as usual to get that jet hit boost!